Bagley Farm's was started in 2003 as a family farm growing produce, raising superior beef and poultry.  We added a small store offering top quality cooking and baking ingredients to family and friends.  Since then, Bagley Farm's has added a bakery offering our family's traditional recipes which are also available in gluten free and organic.

With more people focusing on the quality of food and healthier ingredients Bagley Farm's also carries a variety of paleo, gluten free, organic and non GMO ingredients.

Going gluten free and organic has never been more delicious.  Read in the product descriptions the healthy benefits of these superior quality foods.

Our essential oils and carrier oils are supplied by one of the nation's largest importers and domestic purchasers.  As one of the most ethical suppliers, they guarantee the purity of the products and provide C of A upon request.  Partnering with this highly reputable company has allowed Bagley Farm's to increase local commerce and add jobs within the community

Essential Oils can improve your mental state, enhance your physical well being, purify your home, and improve and refine your natural beauty.  Click on an essential oil to learn more about the health promoting benefits.