Gut and Butt Buster

Here are some quick and easy ways to drop girth, stop bloating and fat cell memory.


Do not eat yogurts off the grocery store shelves.  Most of the largest brand name yogurts are loaded with multiple forms of sugar and NO probiotics.  All major chain stores in the US sell pasteurized products.   The pasteurization process kills good bacteria.  Additionally, the manufacturers add multiple forms of unnatural sugars such as high fructose corn syrup which the body cannot digest.  When your body cannot digest what it ingests, it packs it away in your fat storage. 

Other foods marketed as "healthy" include whole wheat breads and cereal bars (check that label for high fructose corn syrups plus ingredient names you cannot easily pronounce)  Notice lots of people lately are showing symptoms of gluten intolerance?   Whole wheat is actually very good for you.  It increase your digestive systems ability to process everything you put in it.  However, a lot of foods marketed as whole wheat contain genetically modified organism and tons of not natural ingredients to make the shelf life last forever.  These manufactured forms of sugar also kill what good bacteria your digestive tracts does have, and  create bad bacteria.  The bad bacteria grown then prevents your body from being able to absorb what good nutrients and vitamins the food may contain. 

In addition to the high sugar contents, different corn by-products are added as "fillers".  Can you guess what fillers do?  Yep, your right.  They fill your fat pockets with more indigestible gunk.  Once your body has been doing this for a while, it goes into survival mode, storing even more in those fat pockets due to malnutrition.  Malnutrition does not mean you are skinny and need to eat more.  You can actually be obese and malnourished.  This cycle also causes you to constantly feel hungry and crave more of those bad ingredients causing the whole big gut syndrome.  

Fat free potato chips contain a man made ingredient called Olestra.  Even though it is banned in most countries, it was simply renamed as Olean in the US.  Guess what it causes?  Irritable Bowel Syndrome and anal leakage.  Wow!  And its not just  in those fat free chips.  How many people do you know who have IBS?  

Ever notice how long your store bought bread lasts?  Remember the guy who found the 5 year old Mc D's hamburger?  Guess what is in these?  Yes, chemically rendered preservatives.  Did you know the US government says dry goods have no expiration date?  Manufacturers add a sell by date to give some sense of urgency to the store to buy more stock and to the consumer to make the purchase now!  So how long will that fat stay in your pockets?  As long as you keep consuming those additives and killing your good digestive bacteria.  

Solution - eat real food, avoid sugar and added preservatives.  Go to a reputable supplement seller and get real probiotics which will help empty the gut and butt pockets.

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